Activities for 2018 Stay Clean Competition in Schools rolled out

The 2018 Stay Clean Competition in schools, organised by SHAPE Attitude Ghana, was launched by the Director of Education of Effutu Municipality of the Ghana Education Service in June 2018. After some weeks of preparation, activities for the competition were rolled out on 13th September 2018 at a meeting held at the Adventist Preparatory School, Winneba.

The objective of the competition is to use thirty-one selected schools as agents to influence the communities where the schools are located in adopting good sanitary practices.

Two activities were chosen for the competition. The first is an essay writing and the second is cleanliness on school compound stretching from 50 to 100 meters radius of the school.

A monitoring team would visit the schools without prior notice to inspect and score them.  Winners of the competition would be awarded prizes ranging from plaques, trash bins and souvenirs in June 2019 at a durbar climaxing celebration of 5th anniversary of SHAPE Attitude Ghana.

Present at the meeting were a representative of Director of Education, Effutu Municipality, facilitators from SHAPE Attitude Ghana, news presenters from Radio Peace, Winneba and representatives of the selected schools.

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