Awareness campaign on littering and environmental cleanliness continues in churches

Shape Attitude Ghana continues to raise awareness on indiscriminate littering and environmental cleanliness in churches. Two churches were visited in January 2016, namely the Eden Revival Church and the Christ Apostolic Church in Winneba. The congregations in the two churches were reminded of the dangers we expose ourselves to by littering and dumping refuse indiscriminately in our surroundings.

The Director of Shape Attitude Project, Wonderful B. Ghartey, explained to the congregation that by littering and dumping refuse indiscriminately, we expose ourselves to diseases such as malaria, typhoid, intestinal worms and respiratory infections which cost more money to treat than preventing them. It also costs money in terms of time spent in hospitals, attending to patients at home and loss of productivity at work places. There is also loss of revenue involved from unattractive beaches which are not attractive for tourism, a source of income to the community.

He urged the congregation to always keep in mind that “cleanliness is next to Godliness” and to change their attitude by avoiding negative practice of littering indiscriminately. Pastor Quaye of the Eden Revival Church and Mr Ismael Appiah Simpson, Secretary of the Christ Apostolic Church added their voices to the call of stopping indiscriminate littering and dumping of refuse in order to promote good sanitary conditions in their surroundings.

Trash bins and posters were donated to the churches at the end of the awareness talk by Shape Attitude Ghana. Shape Attitude Project had earlier embarked on awareness campaigns in eight churches and one mosque between August 2014 and October 2015.


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