Churches urged to act as "brake pads" in halting negative attitudes

Religious societies have been urged to act as brake pads for vehicles or baking yeast for preparing bread in promoting positive attitudes in the communities to maintain clean surroundings. The Project Director of SHAPE Attitude Ghana, Mr Wonderful Baisie Ghartey, gave this advice when he addressed the congregation of the Bethel Methodist Church at Kojo Beedu, a suburb of Winneba, on Sunday 11 November 2018.

Mr Ghartey told the congregation that the challenge we have with poor sanitary conditions, especially indiscriminate littering, is behavioural from negative attitudes and if individuals and communities changed their mind set and adopted positive attitudes, there would be great improvement. He went on to say that no individual or community should consider themselves too small or insignificant to make a change. He gave the example of baking yeast that a small quantity makes a big chunk of bread dough rise. He also showed them the size of a brake pad which brings 4 x 4 vehicle to stop in spite of its small size to demonstrate that no matter how small a group of people may be, they can play a role in changing the attitudes of majority of people. In this regard, the churches have a significant role to play regardless of the size of their members.

The Minister in charge of the church Rev. Dr. Wilson, who invited Mr Ghartey to address the church, implored his members to heed to the advice of keeping their surroundings clean in order to prevent diseases attributable to poor sanitary conditions.

On behalf of SHAPE Attitude Ghana, Mr Ghartey donated two trash bins to the church and gave them educational materials in the form of posters and leaflets to assist with the campaign for clean environment.

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