Ezy Car Bin Launched in Winneba

Ezy Car bin was launched at a durbar in Winneba on 28th April, 2018. The bin is to help keep cars clean through controlled and responsible refuse disposal methods while in cars. It will reduce vehicular littering and disposal of refuse by passengers in moving vehicles.

The Ezy Car Bin is made of high density, biodegradable and easy to use plastic. A set of strips fasten the receptacle to the back of the seats of cars. It is primarily used to keep cars clean by temporarily storing waste in it until it is appropriate to dispose it off. The bin has messages inscribed on it for informing and educating both users of the product and the general public to help change people’s mind-set towards a greener and a cleaner environment.

Mr. Kenneth Acquaah of Pleasant Supplies, manufacturer and supplier of “Ezy Car Bin” noted that diseases like malaria, cholera and typhoid among others which are rife in our communities are largely due to poor sanitary conditions. He added that perennial flooding that often engulfs the capital city, Accra, is another poor sanitation challenge arising from indiscriminate refuse disposal that clogs storm water drains. Mr. Acquaah of Pleasant Supplies stated that the time spent in cars can be used to change public behavior because people spend hours in a day moving from one place to another. The very act of using the car bin to control refuse disposal in cars is in itself educative and informative and tend to change public behavior and attitude towards the environment, he added.

Using the car bin as a medium for keeping taxis and passenger buses (trotros) clean is not only educative, innovative, and timely but also sets a good sanitation practice for others to follow. The car bin will also promote recycling which will create jobs for the youth and ultimately help to keep cars, streets, public places in Winneba and Ghana at large clean. Additionally, efforts shall be made in consultation with all relevant stakeholders to provide external bins at strategic points to receive the waste generated by the car bin within the municipality, Mr. Acquaah concluded.

Speaking at the durbar, the chairman Mr. Kenneth Buckner, Deputy Coordinating Director of the Effutu Municipal Assembly, who represented the Municipal Chief Executive, applauded the innovation of Pleasant Supplies. The founder and director of SHAPE Attitude Ghana, Wonderful Baisie Ghartey, welcomed the introduction of ezy car bin and said it will reinforce the Organisation’s sensitisation and awareness campaign for attitudinal change. The District Commander of Police was represented by Chief Inspector Daniel Badu Kwofie and Inspector Francis Kofi Aihoon of Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD), Winneba. Mr Aihoon added his voice to the need for keeping the environment clean and said the police will soon start to enforce laws on sanitation.

 At the tail end of the durbar, Mr Acquaah demonstrated the installation of the ezy car bin in taxis and buses and distributed more than 200 pairs of bins free of charge to drivers who were at the durbar grounds. The strips for the bins were sold at a token of GHC2.00 (about US$0.44).

Present at the durbar were the Vice Chair of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU),  Ms Juliana Lartey and Mr. Mac Dzodzodzi of the Environmental Health Office, Winneba.

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