Nurturing attitude for excellence; the role of stake holders

Stakeholders have been urged to play their respective roles in nurturing school pupils to become responsible and productive citizens. The advice was given by the Chief Executive Officer of SHAPE Attitude Ghana, Wonderful Baisie Ghartey, at the speech and prize giving day of the GOPA School Complex, a preparatory school at Jukwa on 9 August 2018.

Addressing stakeholders on the theme “Nurturing attitude for excellence; the role of stake holders,” Mr Ghartey said nurturing involves encouraging, nourishing and caring for our children during the period of their training and development. Nurturing requires being fully present in interactions with children verbally and non-verbally to validate their feelings, provide physical affection and comfort when sought. It also involves providing safe mental and physical environment and responding to social challenges that promote healthy growth. Mr Ghartey went on to say that nurturing is important because it adds character to a person and helps to develop ones unique personality and behaviour. In all these, parents, teachers, community leaders as well as political leaders have a role to play as stake holders.

It is important to note that nurturing is influenced by the environment and experience. Therefore, children pick up attitudes they see around them and what the adults do shape their personality, Mr Ghartey said. In this regard, Mr Ghartey employed stakeholders to develop positive attitude towards work, the environment, time management and respect for community property among others for the young to emulate. With respect to the environment, he made special reference to cleanliness and urged the adults to refrain indiscriminating littering and dumping of refuse and open defecation.

The guest speaker, Ms Edwin Annan (Aunty Nyaniba) of Okokroko FM, echoed the same sentiments and spelt specific roles expected from the various stakeholders.

Present at the ceremony were members of the Parent Teacher Association, the proprietor of the school, Mr Amofa Appiah, teachers and other invited guests including representatives of the District Executive officer and the MP who is also Deputy Minister for Employment and Labour Relations. 








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