Sensitisation and awareness campaign in schools resumes

Sensitisation in schools to raise awareness of school children on avoiding littering and indiscriminate dumping of refuse resumed after the Christmas break in February 2016.  Shape Attitude Ghana visited Mother’s Unique Love School and the Effutu Municipal KG and Primary Schools in February. This was the third visit made to these schools by Shape Attitude Ghana.

At the Mother’s Unique Love School, Ms Sabina Woode, a teacher at the school asked the children what they had learnt from the previous visits of Shape Attitude. The pupils were able to recall the teachings of Mr. Wonderful Basie Ghartey and responded that they learnt how littering and dumping of refuse in gutters or drainage ways contribute to breading of mosquitoes which cause malaria and the spread of diseases such as typhoid and intestinal worms. As impressive as their responses where, the director of Shape Attitude commended the pupils and advised them to put what they have learnt into practice and also be vigilant both at home and school and stop offenders from littering. 

To add up to what the pupils have learnt previously and also to ensure that their minds are refreshed on Shape Attitude's sensitisation messages, Ms. Sabina Woode with the assistance of Mr. David Selby took the children who were between the ages of 3 and 6 through pictures on Shape Attitude's posters. They explained to the children the negative consequences of littering and indiscriminate dumping of refuse in their surroundings. 

A teacher from the Effutu Municipal School and a Health Promotion Officer Ms Annan Obir-Bonney took the pupils through the same process as was done at the Mother’s Unique Love School.

Other schools visited between February and April 2016 to monitor the status of littering were the Don Bosco Catholic Schools, Zion Primary School and the University Practice South Campus Schools. A reduction in littering was observed in these schools and it is hoped that with continuous awareness and sensitisation there will be marked improvement.

Posters, stickers for school bags and trash bins were donated to the Mother’s Unique Love School, the Effutu Municipal KG and Primary Schools and the Don Bosco Catholic Primary School.

The event at the Effutu Municipal KG and Primary Schools was covered by the Ms Regina Bonney of Radio Peace and broadcasted on the Radio Station.



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