Seventh (7th) Anniversary of Shape Attitude Ghana Commemorated

Monday, 14th June, 2021 marked the 7th anniversary of SHAPE Attitude Ghana. The theme for the celebration was “Shaping Attitudes Towards Ecosystem Restoration”. The occasion saw a small gathering at the University Practice Schools (UNIPRA) South with representatives from Ghana Education Service, University of Education, Winneba, Forestry Commission as well some students and teachers from UNIPRA and members from SHAPE Attitude Ghana. 

In the opening remarks of the director of SHAPE Attitude, Mr. Wonderful Baisie Ghartey explained that the decision to have a small gathering to commemorate the anniversary was informed by restrictions posed by covid-19 pandemic. He also pointed out that the theme for the celebration was couched to support the subject matter of the World Environment Day (WED), which was “Restoration of the Ecosystem”. According to him, the ecosystem gets depleted under various human activities, therefore, a change of mindset from people towards the environment plays a key role. To make a statement and encourage all and sundry to get on board, the organization considered commemorating the event with a tree planting exercise. As stated by Mr Ghartey, the potential of improving air quality, reversing desertification, slowing biodiversity loss and enhancing human livelihoods through restored ecosystems are some of the reasons everyone should be concerned.

Mrs. Mable Judith Micah, the Director of Education Service, Winneba, expressed appreciation to SHAPE Attitude for the occasion and disclosed that she has always been concerned about the felling of trees. According to her, aside from the provision of shade, trees serve as windbreaks. They also absorb noise and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and prevent erosion among others. She therefore encouraged everyone to plant trees. However, in order to ensure that the right trees are planted within our environs, Mrs. Micah advised that the forestry commission should be consulted. 

The head of the Centre for School and Community Science and Technology Studies (SACOST), UEW, Prof. Kolawole Raheem added that the agenda for the WED would span for a decade, therefore, for the years ahead, stakeholders and individuals should get involved in greening Ghana as exhibited by SHAPE Attitude. He also entreated teachers to take the opportunity to continue to educate students on the role of trees and the need to be friendly towards the environment. 

Prof. Kolawole Raheem (left), Mrs. Mable Judith Micah (middle), Mr. Wonderful Baisie Ghartey (right)

Mrs. Emma Frimpong, the deputy chair of Conference of Heads of Basic Schools (COHBS), was grateful the event took place in their school. She gave the assurance that the school would ensure all trees planted would grow well to provide shade and other benefits to the school. “It is important we plant and protect trees because when the last tree dies, the last man dies”, she concluded.

The Director of the Forestry Commission, Mad. Faustina Anima revealed her excitement for the involvement of school children by indicating that “there is hope when our future leaders are educated and encouraged to have interest in the environment”. She expressed further that her commission welcomes such initiatives and is ready to provide support and assistance when consulted. She was of the view that when students are made to own the trees, they would be well taken care of.

The Environmental Health Officer, Mrs. Susana Martinson, also encouraged the school to ensure that the trees grow very well to provide shade and assist the ecosystem to recover. On behalf of SHAPE Attitude, she thanked God for making the day possible, and also expressed appreciation to all stakeholders and individuals present.

Mrs. Emma Frimpong (left), Mrs. Susana Martinson (middle), Mad. Faustina Anima (right)


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