Shape Attitude Ghana embarks on second round of sensitisation campaign in churches

Shape Attitude Ghana took its sensitisation campaign on littering to the Zion Church of Winneba on Sunday, 8 November 2015. The visit was the second time to the church in the second round of visits to churches in Winneba to raise awareness on the challenges the country is facing on indiscriminate littering and dumping of refuse and open defecation.

The founder of Shape Attitude Ghana, Wonderful Baisie Ghartey reminded the congregation of the dangers of dirty environment, among them are diseases such as malaria, typhoid, intestinal worms, acute respiratory tract infections and diarrhoea. Apart from diseases, the beauty of the environment is degraded. The Founder used the theme of the Sunday service conducted by Reverend Derek Ben Kwofie and told the congregation that if they stayed away from all the vices that the Reverend talked about but remained unclean then they can “watch, pray and wait” yet God will hear the prayers but will not come close and answer the prayers.

Mr Ghartey went on to say that generation of waste is inevitable and that so long as we continue to drink and eat, we will urinate and to go toilet and how and WHERE we do it (how we manage it) is very important and critical for our wellbeing.
Shape Attitude Ghana donated a trash bin and posters to the church as a reminder to keep their surroundings clean.

Rev Ben Kwofie and a member of the congregation added their voice to the call of stopping littering and keeping the environment clean. The reverend thanked Shape Attitude Ghana for their gesture and prayed for the success of the campaign.
A member of the congregation donated ten trash bins to Shape Attitude Ghana to assist with the campaign in schools and churches.
The second round of campaign in churches has taken Shape Attitude Ghana to two other churches since September 2015.


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