SHAPE Attitude Ghana Interacts with Geography Students Association of the University of Education Winneba


Shape Attitude Ghana was invited to have a word with over 300 students who have taken it upon themselves to be true ambassadors of nature. The event which was held on 23rd October, 2019 at the Faculty of Educational Studies was a general meeting for the Geography Students Association (GEOSA) of the University of Education, Winneba.

The GEOSA members have hitherto undertaken some cleanliness and tree planting campaigns on the university premises. They are made up of all students who are reading Geography Education in the University.

The representative of Shape Attitude entreated members of the association to serve as watchdogs everywhere they find themselves over other students and members of the community who have the habit of littering indiscriminately in lecture halls, on the school compound and in the community respectively.

He recounted that, it would therefore be unworthy for them not to have a change in themselves as students who are being trained to teach and shape the attitude of the future generation. He challenged them to exhibit leadership by example and really show their love for the environment by educating others about why they should stop littering.

It was heartwarming to hear from the leadership of the Association and some past executives take the campaign to a higher level of Naming and Shaming anyone caught litteringĀ  around. A strategy they intend to use to deter people from indulging in the indecent act is to capture those found littering indiscriminately on camera and post on notice boards.

This is just one of the many collaborations that Shape Attitude Ghana seeks to possibly have with all the Student Associations on campus to promote litter free environment on the University campus and the community at large.