Shape Attitude Ghana pays a second visit to UNIPRA South Inclusive Primary School and presents a donation

Mr. Wonderful Basie Ghartey, director of Shape Attitude Ghana and his team paid a second visit to the University Practice South Inclusive Primary School in Winneba on September 16, 2015 as part of the sensitisation drive in schools for environmental cleanliness. The visit was a follow up of the first one he made on June 24, 2015 when he promised the pupils of follow visits to continue the discussion on littering and keeping the environment clean.

The pupils were pleased to see him again and were able to recollect most of the discussions that went on during the previous visit. He repeated that, as young ones growing up, they must inculcate the habit of keeping their environments clean at all times. For in so doing, they would grow to become responsible adults who are much more concerned about sanitation issues. When Mr. Ghartey asked if anyone of them would ever want to fall sick, the pupils shouted with a common voice saying “NO” with the reason being that sickness is painful. He then added that, to prevent diseases and sicknesses such as malaria, typhoid and cholera, it is imperative that we stop littering indiscriminately especially those who ease themselves on the beach and into plastic bags which eventually end in gutters and bushes. He explained that, when it rains, the various forms of litters gather and block the water ways which make the water become stagnant and bread mosquitoes in the end. Mr. Wonderful Basie Ghartey added that, when they fall sick, their mothers suffer as well because instead of going to the market and other work places to earn money for their school fees and upkeep, they are compelled to spend time and money in acquiring treatment for their illness. When that happens, their households and the nation at large do not progress.

The school being an inclusive one with hearing impaired pupils, Master Dominique Inkoom,  a young pupil in the school helped translate the discussion as it went on into sign language for other physically challenged pupils who were not able to hear Mr. Ghartey to understand the message being passed on. Mr. Ghartey found this very impressive and commended the school to keep up with the good work they are doing about inclusive learning.

After the discussion, Mr. Ghartey presented the school with a litter bin and Shape Attitude’s “Do Not Litter” campaign materials to be mounted on walls to serve as reminder whenever they see them. The items were received by Mr Joseph B.K. Ntsiful on behalf of the headmistress.  Mr Ntsiful entreated the pupils to accept and practice the advice given to them and added that they should all help shape each other’s attitude by reminding themselves not to litter wherever they see a colleague in the act.
Mrs. Serwaa Dosoo, also a teacher in the school, thanked the organisation for the presentation and promised that they would also monitor and keep on sensitising the pupils towards clean environment.

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