SHAPE Attitude Ghana Remodels its Office

SHAPE Attitude Ghana Remodels its Office


To better serve its employees and operations, SHAPE Attitude Ghana has moved to a larger, more convenient location at Ntakorfam, opposite Radio Peace in Winneba.

Situated on the right side of the road, approximately one kilometre from the Winneba Junction to the main town, everyone arriving in Winneba for the first time can see this new location. It features a store room, appropriate restrooms for both workers and guests and office areas that can hold around five staff. The goal of this renovation is to encourage employees and other stakeholders to keep up the good work of maintaining community cleanliness and slowing the rapid spread of diseases like malaria.


Mr. Wonderful Baisie Ghartey, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SHAPE Attitude Ghana


During a conversation with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SHAPE Attitude Ghana, Mr. Wonderful Baisie Ghartey disclosed intentions to host training sessions on environmental issues, specifically sanitation, for about ten students from different basic and secondary schools in Winneba and its surroundings. As part of the training, he added, students would watch videos on environmental maintenance and have talks about how to apply what they learned to their environments back home.  



In addition to celebrating World Environment Day, which is scheduled for 5th June this year, Mr. Ghartey made hints that SHAPE Attitude Ghana will also have its 10th anniversary in June.  

“Rather than visiting a large number of schools, we plan to pick a handful and focus on them. Working with them, we will select schools that are located in densely populated areas and make a significant impact there. We plan to provide them with the knowledge necessary to maintain a clean compound and to encourage the surrounding community to follow hygienic practices,” he stated.   



According to the CEO of SHAPE Attitude Ghana, the organisation has begun educating the public on the importance of sorting garbage into categories such as glass, metal, paper, and plastic to facilitate easy identification at disposal locations and expedite decomposition. He indicated that the organisation’s biggest challenge had to do with the supply of four bins at a time. He, therefore, called on corporate bodies and philanthropists to come to his organisation’s aid on that tangent.

The relentless work of SHAPE Attitude Ghana is a monument to the strength of collective human activity against the scourge of inadequate sanitation, as we progress towards a time when every person may embrace the fundamental dignity of hygienic living conditions. Equipped with educational initiatives and an unwavering determination, this organisation not only removes waste but also plants the seeds for a hygienic revolution that will hopefully spread throughout neighbourhoods and generations.