8th Anniversary Celebration of SHAPE Attitude Ghana

SHAPE Attitude Ghana will be observing its 8th Anniversary on Tuesday, 14th June 2022 on the theme “Sanitation and Aquatic Life”

The theme for the anniversary is derived from the global theme (Only One Earth) used for the celebration of World Environment Day 2022.

The focus is to raise awareness on the consequences of poor sanitation, especially littering on aquatic life. To this end, the estuary of River Ayensu at the Royal Beach, Winneba where plastics carried by the river into the sea are washed back to the beach has been chosen as a reference point to sensitize school children on the effect of the filth on fishes that swim upstream to lay their eggs in rivers as well as aquatic mammals that come from the sea to lay their eggs on land. 

Snippets of the event would be streamed live on our Facebook page. Please like our page (https://www.facebook.com/shapeattitude) to get notifications on this event and other activities of Shape Attitude Ghana.