About Shape Attitude

Sanitation, Hygiene, Attitude & Practices for clean Environment (SHAPE) project is intended to sensitize local communities to change their attitude towards keeping their surroundings clean and eventually build a sustained habit towards environmental cleanliness.

SHAPE was conceived out of concern about indiscriminate littering of polythene bags, wanton disposal of refuse in gutters and the careless attitude of many people about the poor sanitary conditions around them.

Health statistics indicates that most diseases such as malaria, diarrhea, typhoid and intestinal worms reported at health facilities are sanitary related.

There have been several efforts, including clean up campaigns, by the local authorities but these have not been sustainable hence the situation has not improved significantly.  Proliferation of plastic containers, tetra pack containers, cans, “take away” containers etc. in the system have made the situation worse.  The problem has persisted and gotten worse because attitudes and practices as main sources of environmental management are overlooked.