Awareness and Sensitization Campaigns

We believe that Ghana’s sanitation condition has not improved significantly mainly due to the bad attitudes of some Ghanaians. There have been several efforts, including clean up campaigns by the government and local authorities but these have not been sustainable; hence no expressive developments observed. The way forward as envisaged by Shape Attitude Ghana is an Attitudinal Change. It is only when individuals begin to have positive mind sets towards the environment, that Ghana can realise drastic improvements regarding its sanitation conditions. When an individual is conscious about the environment, he/she will not litter indiscriminately or dump refuse in gutters. For this reason, we focus our campaigns mainly on sensitizing the local communities to change their attitudes towards keeping their surroundings clean. We create the awareness on the various effects that befall them and their community when the environment is not kept clean. We do this by explaining and demonstrating the possible chain of reactions that may occur and affect the individual and the community as a result of poor sanitation practices. For instance, if a child is made to understand that when he/she dumps refuse into gutters, the possible occurrences of reactions that may evolve to affect him/her eventually may include:

  • The gutter becoming choked, water getting stagnant and breeding mosquitoes
  • Child falling sick when bitten by the mosquitoes
  • Parents skipping work and using monies meant for child’s education and upkeep to buy medication.
  • Eventually, the child may not get new clothes for Christmas, new text books for school or ultimately may die as a result of the sickness

Apparently, a well packaged sensitization message of this kind may have the ability to conscientise a child who indulges in poor sanitation practices to refrain from them. 

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